Tai Groot

Silicon Valley · CA · tai@taigrr.com
PGP: 0x5C78C66869422D4E

Experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Highly skilled within the field of Computer Engineering. Docker, SaltStack, and Linux systems.


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Software Developer

Cellpoint Systems

Golang, GCP, SaltStack, NATS, shell scripting, Docker (& docker-compose) + Kubernetes (K3s), Git, Serial Device Communication, Platform Integration, HA

2019 - Present

IoT Engineer

McKinley Equipment

Python, Java, Bash, JavaScript, and C-based projects; Android and iOS app development, DevOps (SaltStack), ThingWorx, Docker, ArrowConnect, Jira + Confluence Site Administration and management

2016 - 2018

Software Development Consultant

Gosu Solutions

Developed Raspberry Pi monitoring systems; init scripts through systemd; Linux installation and configuration, PCB soldering, assembly, and testing

2014 - 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
I have experience in many of the forefront technologies in Computer Engineering. Font Awesome logos. For a more complete list of my skills, please see my resume.