Tai Groot

Silicon Valley · CA · tai@taigrr.com
PGP: 0x5C78C66869422D4E

Experienced DevOps Engineer and Software Developer. Specializing in Golang and Linux DevSecOps with a focus on security.


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Chief Technology Officer

ADAtomic, Inc.

Golang, grlx, NATS

2023 - Present

Software Developer

Cellpoint Systems

Golang, GCP, SaltStack, NATS, shell scripting, Docker (& docker-compose) + Kubernetes (Rancher K3s), Fleet Management, HA

2019 - Present

IoT Engineer

McKinley Equipment

C, Python, Java, Bash, & NodeJS; Hybrid App Development, SaltStack, ThingWorx, Docker, ArrowConnect

2016 - 2018

Software Development Consultant

Gosu Solutions

Sysadmin, turnkey IoT solutions

2014 - 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
I am capable of working with most tools, but my favorites include Linux and Golang.